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It’s not what you say, it’s how you say certain things that can affect the outcome of the statement. One must always be aware of the right words to match any occasion. Especially, in sales, choosing right words or phrases is wise not only to keep the clients engaged but eventually direct the meeting into a positive conclusion. Ultimately, using the right words and phrases is very much helpful to boost the sales process.

Using right words and phrases at the right time doesn’t provide the results right away. How it works is that those “special” words impact the sub-conscious of the audience. You have to know the right words your clients want to hear and place them cleverly in your sales pitch. Those words then will trigger the relevant parts of the client’s psyche.So without the prospect’s consent you are guiding them to the ending of the conversation in your favor.


It doesn’t seem like it, but using the word “You” has been proven very effective to boost the sales. It mostly helps create a sense of connection and rapport between two parties (salesperson and potential buyer). Also, it persuades the clients into thinking that they are getting the most out of the proposal, not the company. Maintaining a personal or friendly environment rather than just a business oriented conversation is most important. It is human interest to be the subject of focus. So, when businesses offer something of a great value, we can’t help it but feel glad.


The word “New” triggers the curious part in us, new equals refreshing, exciting and improved. The reason why IOS and Android became so popular might not be entirely because of the advancement. It could’ve been because we discovered a new perception towards cell phones. Furthermore, they keep introducing new elements almost every day that’s why the two operational system stays to remain popular.


“Free” is like an undervalued word that impacts our irrational excitement. May be the fact that it is used so much by almost everyone makes it seem like the word might have lost its value. But getting something for nothing is still an extremely adored idea. People have this fear of being left out, so getting something for free is always valued. So mentioning points like “free delivery” or “free maintenance” or even “hassle free” can work in your advantage to improve sales process.


Safety and security are major concerns of anyone who is planning to make a business deal. “Guaranteed” is the word that helps to keep that assurance. By using this word, you are giving a commitment to the prospect that you won’t let their investments go to vain. It also shows that you have complete faith on your product, which builds trust. The insurance of safe capital is always a plus point to associate with anyone.


Modern world has been accustomed to instant services. Almost everything is a click away now. Throwing the word “instantly” in your sales pitch, a few times, will add more points towards closing the deal. If the clients feel that they are getting the best offer and quickly they will be more comfortable dealing with you. When you promise an immediate delivery of your product/service, it also sends the message you will be putting a special effort.

Client’s Name

Mentioning the client’s name contributes to the friendly and personal vibe to the sales process. It’s a subtly toned message that you not only see the prospects as a tool to make your earning. You will be recognized not just as a sales person from a “company”, you might even be perceived as friend who is helping them boost their revenue.

Easy Payments

The easy payment plan lets the clients reassess the real value of your product/service without paying the full price. This helps the client to ensure that the sales pitch wasn’t made up… they really get what they were promised.

No obligations

Any kind of relationship will fail to flourish with the presence of unnecessary pressure.It’s easy to get into something when you know there’s no obligation to make it till the end. It also puts you in comfortable position to make a decision. Options to back out of the situations are dissatisfactory and provides an ease in finalizing an agreement.

Approved by major companies

The potential buyers will feel at ease when they discover that the company they are dealing with is endorsed by big time players in the game. It’s a great advantage to sales persons to inform their prospect that the service/product have been approved by major companies in the relevant field. This should definitely help improve the sales process.

Thank you

In sales meetings, it’s important to keep bringing up the fact that both parties are helping each other. The clients must always feel that their presence is being acknowledged not just anticipated. You have to thank them in every opportunity that you get — even simple meeting dates. This kind of acknowledgement reminds them they are being valued in their position.

The list is ever expanding because the words are conditional, some might work only in specific occasions. Know your audience, figure out the right words for the right clients and the deal is yours.