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The latest technology revolutionizing marketing is chatbots and messaging apps. For those of you who are unaware of this technology, chatbots are AI-powered robots within a messaging app that can help companies communicate with their customers or prospects without the need for human interaction.

In the 2000s, marketing was dominated by Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing (SEO and SEM). In early 2010, we saw the rise of social media marketing. Most recently mobile marketing was on the rise and now, we are entering the era of messaging bots.

So Why are Chatbots Gaining Prominence?

For active communication between companies and consumers in order to receive feedback in real time, chatbots are growing as an indispensable marketing tool. Chatbots build an instant relationship with visitors. Engaging the prospective customers is the first step in marketing and conversion of sales. Here are some of the reasons why marketers should use chatbot.

Always Available

Traditional marketing is restricted to interaction with customers only during business hours. As a customer it’s annoying and a business may lose potential consumers during this process.

For example, not all businesses operate only during banking hours. Other popular portals for food, shopping, entertainment could be more actively used during non-business hours. Amazon uses a chatbot named Alexa which can handle basic queries like ‘when will my item be delivered.’?

Handle Large Scale Visitor Engagement

A chatbot can handle any number of standardized queries at any given point of time. More often than not, even large size companies do not have sufficient human resources to scale up and respond to countless visitors.

For example, Bank of America has developed a chatbot named Erica  for the bank that allows customers to manage finance, transact, via voice or text message.

Track Consumer Patterns

Chatbots are programmed to monitor purchasing patterns of consumers. This way a business gathers information about products, and then decide how differently they can be marketed, re-vamped or re-launched. This helps the process of marketing because the chatbots are used to sell or offer products differently, which helps in increase of sales or lure consumers into trying something new.

Take for example — If your chatbot has a lot of conversation throughout the day a lot of substantial data can be garnered from those texts using different tools.

Lead Qualification and Nurturing

There may be visitors on the website with no intention of buying the product or service due to budget timeline or some other resource. The chatbot can help you distinguish which leads are qualified and can move towards sales conversion or not. With the collected information, chatbots can be programmed to personalize as per the consumers and engage more effectively.

Natural Language Communication

Chatbots act and talk like a real person in their interactions with customers building a trusting environment. Chatbots are programmed to react to questions and offer right solutions.

For Example, If a consumer would like return a product the A.I in the chatbot should be able to acknowledge the problem and replace or reorder tracking the inventory. The saves time, makes the company efficient and provides customer satisfaction.