22Through our research, and working with clients from multiple industries we have learned that the concerns and issues with customer service are the same. Many companies struggle with the balance of how much technology they should integrate into the most personal aspect of their business. In a world where machines can be viewed as a scary unknown and human interactions are shifting, we at Fusemachines created this blog to enhance and further the conversation on customer service and artificial intelligence. It will offer insights from scientists and machines, to help businesses navigate through the ever changing landscape, opportunities and demands of consumers.

13Often times companies are in search of solutions to improve consumer interaction with their company. The most common forms of consumer and brand interaction include a company website and customer service representatives. Fusemachines aims to improve the consumers experience during these interactions. The goal of any company is to retain customers and we provide companies with insight on improving consumer experience by embracing the benefits of artificial intelligence to keep consumers happy. Stay tuned for details on the power of artificial intelligence, customer service and how Fusemachines can make your life easier.