Video Content Marketing: Making Marketing Strategies More Visible - Graphic

Videos have become a crucial part of everything that’s online. Videos perfectly complement online marketing with their increasing popularity among businesses and online dwellers. Regardless of the purpose of videos — whether they are produced for fun or information – they play critical roles in product branding. The compelling popularity of video content marketing in businesses can be reflected from marketing stats suggesting that 69% of marketing, sales, and business professionals have used video marketing, whereas another 31% are planning to use it in the near future.

Furthermore, executing an effective video marketing project does not necessarily require the skillset of a Hollywood director or a YouTube pro. Even DIY videos have done wonders. Also, the availability of an array of online channels, YouTube being the most popular among users, can help cut cost significantly.

5 years down the line, would text blogs exist as an influential marketing tool as it is today? As online video marketing continues its growth at an exponential rate, the question can trigger interesting debates. However, only time will tell whether the future still has a decent spot secured for text blogs or not. For now, we list pieces of evidence suggesting the influence of videos on businesses’ marketing strategies.

Mobile for Video Content
Smartphones are the benefactor in the marketing realm. These mobile devices have proven to be ideal for information exchange and entertainment. On average, 39 minutes was spent by mobile users per day watching videos in 2015; the average time spent was just three minutes in 2011, eMarketer states in its reports.

Average time spent per day with digital video by US adults, by device, 2011 – 2015

B2B Videos Blossom
A 2015 study by ReelSEO suggests that 73% of B2B marketers found their video marketing generating positive results. For companies reluctant to invest in video, the data offers an initiative to be a part of the trend. The report further suggests that 96% of B2B organizations are engaged in video content marketing and the videos are being used for website marketing, email marketing, and SEO.

B2B-Video-Content-MarketingRise in Online Video Numbers
Consumer Internet traffic will contain a whopping 74% of videos in 2017, predicts Syndacast. In 2015, Brafton reported that 70% of marketers were already considering video content a priority. The data suggests all companies to invest in video marketing to reach to their target audiences from across the web. Brafton further revealed that 78% of US consumers watch digital videos at least once a week while they’re logged in.

Video content marketing has larger possibilities in the near future. Companies have started video content marketing with innovative and noteworthy campaigns, already proving their point in the global market. It is expected to grow even bigger, leaving remarkable impact in the marketing scenario.