Everyone dreads the sometimes necessary call to a company’s call center. They expect the worst from the call and prepare themselves to be frustrated. But what about the person on the other end? Being a customer service representative can be a challenging task with an immense responsibility. We all know the frustrations consumers have with customer service representatives, so instead, we compiled a list of some of the biggest frustrations of customer service representatives.

1Rude and aggressive customers
When customers call with a problem, they have a built in frustration with said company so they are rude, loud and maybe (shockingly!) even obnoxious. Many times customers treat customer service representatives as a punching bag, even though they know its not the customer service representatives fault that their product is malfunctioning.

2Failing to solve a problem and a customer is always right
The mantra in customer experience which puts the customers first can be a slippery slope for customer service representatives. This is a problem particularly when a customer service representative is unable to address a customer query, for various reasons, one possible reason being that the customer is doing something wrong (gasp!).

3Simultaneously maintain customer dignity and company image
A customer service representative cannot engage in a blame game situation. Customers have a pre-conceived notion their problems will be fixed, regardless of the complexity. Customer   service representatives are forced to tactfully handle the situation.

3Asking invalid and irrelevant questions
Some customers challenge customer service representatives to test their knowledge. Customers might ask unnecessary questions to test a customer service representative for credibility (seriously!).

5Facing vague and confusing questions
Vague and confusing questions can be misleading. This is particularly important when your call is transferred within a company. The tendency of skipping messages is common in creating confusion for both, the customer service representative and customer.

6Lack of customer attention and poor communication skills
Sometimes customers may be multitasking while talking to a customer service representative. This includes customers calling from a noisy background, poor listening and speaking skills of customers and an inability to effectively communicate their problems to customer service representatives.

7Addressing the same question multiple times
A customer might feel their problem is unique but a customer service representative might have spent the entire day answering the same question. This can be mundane and tedious, particularly after a long day.

8Customer makes a mistake
Customer service representatives are told to never point out that a customer is wrong. But what happens if a customer fails to acknowledge they maybe at fault, that is one messy customer service representative situation.

9Lack of proper details from managers
A Customer service representatives formulates responses based on their company knowledgebase. However, if a manager fails to share required information it could lead to an angry customer and a furious customer service representative (oops!).

10Low expectations from customer service representatives
Customer service representatives try their level best to address all queries based on their information. There is nothing more aggravating than a condescending customer tone and attitude.

Like most humans customer service representatives may have a bad day but given the demands of their job they are not entitled to question customers or show emotions even during trying times. Being calm and patient can make a customer service representative go a long way but during the above listed times this is easier said than done. The question is do customers ever consider the person addressing their calls? If so does the common proverb “to er is human to forgive divine” apply in this situation. Next time you call a company be mindful of these pet peeves!

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