Companies are constantly challenged to directly reach their customers in their preferred channel of communication. With increasing dependence on social media, customers are becoming proactive and reliant on user-friendly self service platforms. Familiarity and convenience to pose problems and receive solutions have created room for third party platforms in customer service. Businesses now need to adapt their strategy with a user-friendly knowledgebase management system to meet customer demands and bridge the gap between customers and customer service channels.

Self Service Platforms

Self-service platforms allow customers to access relevant information in a hassle free manner from a company’s knowledgebase. Businesses recognize this, and with the help of 3rd party apps, platforms like Zendesk are able to offer this with advancement in optimized search, multimedia, predictive intelligence, and quick-chat options, all to help improve customer interaction.

Artificial Intelligence Aiding The Process

Fusemachines is working towards an AI run knowledgebase management app to suit the needs of platforms like Zendesk. With optimized availability, accuracy, and an intelligent delivery of information, the Fusemachines app aims to equip customer service representatives to tackle a diverse set of customer queries effectively and efficiently.

An AI based knowledgebase management system can

knowledgebase management platformHandle large volumes of data by, retrieving, capturing and easily integrating data into a database.

knowledgebaseAllow efficiency with easy edit, add, or replace options to the company knowledgebase which can function as a guidebook for the future.

Considering all of the above, the Fusemachines app for Zendesk will allow customer service representatives to quickly access information needed to reduce customer response time while providing the best possible solutions for customer issues. Stay tuned for more details on our app in our upcoming posts!


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