Before we understand the future of AI let’s backtrack a little and begin with an understanding of what AI means. AI is the design and study of an intelligent machine or software, which perceives the environment around them for increased efficiency. These machines or software are capable of reasoning, planning, learning, knowledge and are capable of manipulating objects. They solve mathematical problems, translate languages etc. In today’s world AI is unavoidable and we are subconsciously dependent on it. Consider an iPhone, a feature like SIRI in the phone, which incorporates voice recognition, comprehension and reasoning when you pose a question or a comment,is controlled by AI.

How does Chappie illustrates A.I?

chappie_iconNow that we have a basic understanding of AI we can dive into the theme of the movie Chappie. Chappie is a robot created for the South African police to reduce crime around Johannesburg, which gets updated with the ability to reason and feel. After a twist of events Chappies is controlled by gangsters’ for their hooliganism. Consequently, robots like Chappie are considered a threat to mankind and the inventors are urged to ensure that Chappie is the last one of its kind.

Artificial Intelligence is illustrated in the movie Chappie by giving human attributes such as reasoning and feeling to a robot.The scientist is faced with a problem before he could test the benefits of equipping a robot with humanly attributes. As a result the dichotomy of the potential positives and negatives of AI is illustrated in Chappie. The idea that technology is capable of as much damage as it can do good, unless monitored by the proper authorities, is depicted through the conflict in the movie.

Why is the illustration of A.I in Chappie relevant?

18Our use and trust of AI is increasing along with the advancement of technology. A lot of us may not even realize our increasing dependence on AI and overlook the benefits we are gaining from AI. This is the advancement to watch in the technology world as the presence of AI continues to grow in making our life easier. However, we need to understand that like any other technological advancement, this is a double edged sword; AI will provide a lot of solutions and a host of unanswered questions to address in the future. AI is undoubtedly the future of the technology world and consumer preferences are steering the direction of focus for growth in this industry.