We are living in a day and age where technology has been growing by leaps and bounds. The greatest challenge we face with the advancement of technology is finding a balance between humans and automation. The goal is to reach a point where the human touch is maintained with increased efficiency through the help of automation. Rather than viewing an automated customer service representative as a replacement for a human customer service representative, there needs to be a synergy between human and automated services for an optimum level of efficiency of customer service representative for companies.

Is it possible to include automation in customer service while maintaining human involvement?

3The goal is to increase efficiency while maintaining the human touch, because let’s face it, speaking to an automated voice sometimes can be the most frustrating experience. It is important to note that companies have already started to collaborate between automated and human customer service representatives. For example, think about the time you call your bank or cellphone provider, you will encounter an automated system which will request your phone number or account number before speaking with a representative. When used correctly this will allow the customer service rep to jump right into the customers’ query eliminating any time wasted on gathering general customer information. While it could be frustrating to hold an entire conversation with an automated system, this addition undoubtedly helps customers save time by eliminating human errors such as hearing the wrong phone number or bank account number.

How can you create a synergy between an automated system and humans?

2Consider a customer service rep who answers a call from customers for a company. The customer service rep could get a wide variety of questions ranging from what product the company offers to how it can be attained etc. Companies who invest in call centers or have large customer service representative teams generally have a master manual of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to ensure that the customers’ queries are addressed during an interaction with the customer. Given the large volume and range of FAQs received often times customer service representatives have to keep the customer on hold for a while to comb through the master knowledgebase, and any update documents to that knowledgebase. Imagine a world where a human customer service representative is able to access an automated system which provides answers to FAQs quickly. Not only does it have the exact answer, but the system will also have the previously established follow up questions, and three tiers of data for where the answer lies within the company knowledgebase.

How can a synergy between automation and customer service representatives help you?

4Think of all the times you, as a customer, have been frustrated to get a hold of a customer service representative. If the customer service representatives are more efficient then this could reduce your call wait time and shorten the length of the call itself. The company is happy with an efficient and more accurate customer service representative while the customer is happy to have their needs addressed faster. As a company, providing a partnership between an automated database and customer service representatives will help improve their abilities to address queries. During this process the company achieves greater efficiency and happier customers.