In a globalized society, it is not uncommon for large companies to operate from multiple countries. Global operations could entail having company outlets  front-end or back-end work to different countries. Given the large volume of customer calls received by companies and the advancement of technology, the concept of outsourcing call centers emerged to cut operation costs while effectively addressing the needs of customers. In order to maintain efficiency while outsourcing call centers, companies from English speaking nations focus on outsourcing call center operations to countries with an employment pool of English speakers.

What is a Call Center?

ICONBefore understanding the concept of outsourcing Call Centers, it is important to understand how they work. Call centers are virtual spaces where customers interact with a company. When a customer calls a company, they are connected to the call processing logic system power by A.I. The system directs calls to relevant departments by processing customer requests by listing the most common extension codes. The extension code directs the call processing logic system to put the customer on hold in queue until a customer service representative is available. Call centers exist to cater to the needs of customers and is an integral part of customer and brand interaction.

The Benefits and Repercussions Of Outsourcing Call Centers For Companies

Let’s begin by understanding the benefits to outsourcing call centers. Today, companies are outsourcing call centers to give a complete experience to their customers.

ICON Saving Money. The lower cost of hiring employees at other countries allows companies to hire more customer service representatives. It also takes away the burden of running an in-house call center. This way, companies can concentrate solely on their core business.

ICON Reduce Wait Time. Outsourcing call centers give customers the access to the specialized skills of experienced call representatives in a significantly reduced time since there are more operators available. It also allows companies to offer 24/7 customer support and troubleshooting.

However, there are repercussions of outsourcing call centers as well.

ICONCulture Barrier. When US companies outsource call centers to India, the customer service representatives are proficient in English but they may not be aware of cultural innuendos. This communication gap could make the customer feel frustrated and unimportant, which could affect future association between the customer and brand. That being said, US companies are increasingly shifting call centers to the Philippines, where the customer service representatives are exposed to American pop culture and are aware of cultural innuendos along with their proficiency in English.

ICON Frustrated Customers. Another deterrent to call centers are that customers get frustrated and feel that the customer service rep does not work directly for the company and thus doesn’t have the right knowledgebase to help with their inquires. This causes frustration for the customer and thus having a negative opinion about a company.

Can Fusemachines revolutionize call centers?

Customer service representatives are a key point of customer and brand interaction so companies put in a lot of thought in keeping the customers content after each call. The Fusemachines Customer Service Representative (CSR) Tool is aimed at making customer service representatives better equipped to improve customer brand interactions. Efficient customer service representatives can cater to the needs of more customers each day and help companies reduce spending in call centers by maximizing reach. By extension of this argument, since call centers are outsourced to manage company costs, could an efficient customer service representative mechanism reverse outsourcing of call centers?





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