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The latest SalesTech event titled “Secrets of 200%+ Quota Killers” took place on August 3rd, with the topic, what does it mean to consistently be a top performer? To become top performers, salespeople must think differently, behave differently, alter their routines. Oftentimes it’s not obvious because they’re too busy succeeding, so now we hear their secrets.

Moderated by Noah Goldman, yet again, the guest speakers were Pleasant Rich, Director of Enterprise Sales for Outreach, Lauren Muraco, Senior Cloud Solution Sales Vonage and James Desmond, Senior Account Executive for Zoom Video Communications.

About the speakers:

3James Desmond
He works as a Senior Account Executive for Zoom Video Communications. He was always told that he would be either a sales person or a criminal defense attorney.

3Pleasant Rich
She started out as a teacher and made a switch into sales. She likes to use the methods of questions, diagnostics, and assessments to uncover areas of weakness/inefficiencies in a sales process.

3Lauren Muraco
She studied Environmental Engineering and now works as Team Lead at Cloud Solution.

Difference between top vs. low performer

The speakers were asked to present their ideas about the difference between the top and low performers. Here’s what they have to say:

Successful people are curious about everything and everybody.

A lot of it has to do with your work ethic and drive. You can’t expect to be on the top by doing everything that everyone else does – you have to work harder and smarter and continually learn.

Always look for the feedback from someone you know is going to give you that honest critique. Also, have an awareness of yourself – know your strengths and weaknesses.

What do you see as the role of coaching?

You have to ask for help and you have to reach out. Even if you don’t like formal coaching, researching, attending events, reading are also coaching.

You have to always want to improve in order not to be surpassed. In Sales, you can learn from any other salesperson.

There are two types of coaching; structured coaching and making friends with your customers. Find a customer champion that you can be friends with to find out what’s going on in your industry.

Things that you do differently from the rest of the pack

I start my day by looking at my deals every single day and look at what I need to do for them and where they are in the process.

I don’t have the luxury of a great SDR team, so I always schedule in a certain amount of hours a week to prospect.

I push the demo as long as possible until I get 1-3 discovery calls, depending on the deal size, in order to tailor the demo.

Books recommended by the speakers

Never Split the Difference
Tools of Titan
Spin Selling
Challenger Sales

What’s the one secret that you would want people to walk away with?

One secret I would want people to walk away with is to find someone to talk to that you’ve sold to and get their feedback.

Start making it about your client and not about you making quota. Come up with your client’s objections before they say them.

If you’re not passionate about what you’re selling, do something else. Learn the language your buyer speaks and be informed.