Selling is a two way process and certain products/services can only be sold to a certain market. Locating the right prospects is a must; in order to ensure profit, so you need to carefully identify the right prospects according to business type. If you don’t market your business efficiently, it will suffer in comparison to those that have.

In sales, the definition of prospecting is vaguely stated as, an approach to find potential customers. In other words, prospecting is the process of creating opportunities to fill the sales pipeline with potential clients and revenue. Prospecting also has a goal of creating a firm database of contact information from interested clientele, which later converts to loyal customers.

For efficient prospecting, it is quintessential to locate and recognize the ideal customer’s potential. Different types of industries have different types of ideal markets to thrive from. Businesses and salespeople must be vigilant about whether they’re targeting the right audience or not. You are wasting precious time and other resources by going after the wrong leads and you can’t afford to make that mistake during the prospecting process.

Some Popular Techniques of Prospecting:


Cold Calling

Cold calling has been around for decades and it is still considered one of the best prospecting techniques. Although such calls tend to annoy a large populace, companies still insist on this method because it has been proven very effective. At present, the effectiveness of these calls start with a good sales pitch but it’s important to stress on how you approach the clients. You need to be careful about the factors like the client’s mood or whether you are interacting with a lady or a gentleman. Cold calling provides a small window of opportunity to captivate your audience in a matter of minutes, so you have to give it your best shot on the first call to hook them.


When you have a satisfied customers you can ask them to keep spreading their experience with other businesses. A positive message from a present customer can boost the trustworthiness of your company. A happy customer will always direct his/her family, friends and network towards you if they’re in need of a similar service or product.

Strong Online Presence

Nobody is getting in line anymore, they are mostly all online. Online communities are at the peak now, you must stay rather popular in your circle. It’s not just necessary, it is mandatory for the companies to assert their dominance in the online world.
Regularly optimizing the company website, posting informative blogs on issues related to your business, organizing webinars and of course social media marketing are some of the important things that boost your online brand or presence.

Ad- Campaigns

Introducing special offers and promotions for your product/service on a regular basis is a good idea to attract customer’s attention. Concept of advertising is not a recent discovery but still possesses a very strong role in flourishment of the business. Ads have a rather broad selection of platforms to run on, which is a vantage point. Although pushing the ads on online platforms is high priority for the time being; due to obvious reasons. Special discounts or extra offers for new clients signing up might sound cliche but it works.

Email Outreach

A part of the world has started to believe that emailing is a dead form of communication. If that were true then why is everyone still using it? Emails are the most common form yet the strongest of written communication in the business world. Involvement of your prospects in your social media contents and the ad campaigns can be very helpful in retrieving emails of the potential clients. Using emails to contact these prospects gives the recipients the space to make a well-thought decision. Make sure that the emails does not have attention diverting content; avoid getting spammed.

The techniques have always been there and new ideas will continue to develop with time. The key is how are you implementing those techniques. It’s important to know the right technique to implement for the right kinds of prospects.You can always formulate your own ideas for prospecting; improvising as you go. Learning from your mistakes is a practice that’s applicable in any scenario. Not all the prospects you come across will be converted to the customers. Always keep track of what went wrong in the unsuccessful deals so that you can avoid those moves.