With each technological advancement, humanity has liberated itself. Development in technology not only makes our everyday lives easier but it helps us learn about the vastness and potential of human knowledge. These developments also have a direct correlation to our perceptions of the world. Democratizing contemporary technology helps society function smoothly. Easy access to the technology that helps function major parts of society keeps everyone in the loop and avoids any chaos in that area. It’s also necessary because possession of such power (advanced technology) to a rigid party can cause widespread misdemeanors. The present scenario in tech world demands us to democratize AI for the benefit of the future.

The time frame from the discovery of Internet to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence hasn’t been that long. For that reason, technology-wise, humanity is standing on the verge of the future we have pictured for so long. Considering the pace at which AI and machine learning are progressing, disseminating knowledge about them to the public just makes sense. Like any other technological progress, this one (AI) has also started to creep up on the general public’s lives. Tech giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc have also started to stress the importance of democratizing AI. It’s not only the mechanics that automates marketing tasks and teaches machines to beat humans at chess. Use of artificial intelligence is breaking out to the public consumption. All in all one thing’s for sure: products of AI and deep machine learning are the definite future.

Democratizing AI is no longer an option anymore, it’s an obligation. The changes it will bring are at the scale of a revolution. In order to ensure a stable society in future, we are going to need as many AI experts as possible. Technological mechanism of the future world will be purely based on the advanced algorithms of machine learning. Every aspect of our lives will be ruled by this advancing technology. That future is not so far away, it’s high time now for AI to be easily accessible. To create experts in this field the candidates must be trained with a complex knowledge of mathematics.; Which is the reason it is very much necessary to start the democratizing process right away. Almost all kinds of industries will incorporate the products of AI. The democratization of AI is necessary to empower the next generations so that they can empower the industries and the world as a whole.

Fusemachines’ take on Democratizing of AI.

Engineers and coders at Fusemachines work tirelessly to secure our name in the future; when people talk about the developments that AI brought. One of our main goals has been to leverage the best of human expertise and machine intelligence to provide innovative AI products and solutions.

Fusemachines started with the goal of guiding the society towards the imminent future i.e. artificial intelligence. We’ve made it our main concern to make sure that the technological advancements that are upon us meet its true potential. That humanity can benefit to the fullest the products of AI and machine learning. We recognize that the kind of technology that will shape our flourished future and we are doing our part in making that technology is easily consumable to the general public. We do not intend to stop until AI and deep machine learning is completely democratized.

Democratizing AI through Education:

One important step in the process of democratizing AI is providing standardized education on AI and deep machine learning to aspire younger generations. This ensures that we are ready to handle the society that this revolution gives birth to. We have enough data, experts, and resources necessary to the topic to establish good schools around the globe. Such initiative has been already taken by Fusemachines. Our goal is to provide the education to the people that don’t have easy access to the resources, bring the knowledge to the underdeveloped countries.We have already started a semester of AI fellowship in Nepal which has been running very successfully. We plan to continue the fellowship in New York and the Dominican Republic.

Detailed information of AI fellowship here.

AI fellowship was established to guide young aspiring engineers with the advanced knowledge of AI and its sub-disciplines.

Democratizing AI through AI as a service:

The rate of development in AI field doesn’t match the AI experts that are available. All kinds of industries have started to adapt to some form of AI into their business.They don’t have other choices, in order to survive the competition they have to introduce the latest tech to their operation. We have been able to help to such companies by providing data engineers.

We share the enthusiasm of staying close to the contemporary or popular trend in tech necessary for sales and marketing, with the. We recognize deeply the value of having people with extensive knowledge of the technology inside the organization. According to the need of any businesses, we dispatch well trained and experienced AI experts to them(companies). Our engineers possess micromasters in AI from Columbia University and MITx Certificate in data science. The engineers have been successful in applying their technological knowledge to ensure progress to the companies they are assigned to.

Democratize AI can mean different things to different people. For some, it refers to solely making AI accessible to companies that don’t have in-house AI talent. For others, it means making AI knowledge accessible to people. Our focus is on providing AI knowledge to those who may not have required resources to understand and learn AI. For us democratize AI means making AI accessible to companies and individuals as well. We aim to teach AI to underprivileged students around the world and help companies build AI products with the students we train on AI.