Early adopters and loyal customers are the keys to every business success story. Whether you are building a product for the left-handed people or software for specialized financial services you need to locate your ideal customers. Apply any efforts necessary in figuring out where to find them and how. A thing to remember though is if you talk to everybody you are talking to nobody.

Simply speaking, the success of your business depends more on the number of its right or ideal customers. The functionality of your product basically shapes your ICP and vice-versa. Setting up your ICP in some instances may sound like creating a fictional entity.

Do you think Mark Zuckerberg would have come up with The Facebook had he not found himself on a campus filled with highly-connected students? Lucky for him, he was living next to his ICP.

No perfect science goes in finding the ICP because it’s about the search. You have to imagine the ideal group of prospects that you can sell to, based on the nature and goals of your business. Set up a basic outline for your potential customer’s profile by the aspects of your product. Having complete knowledge of your own product gives you a clear idea of who are your primary buyers and where to find them.

Here are some tips that can help you locate your Ideal Customer Profile:

Be an expert in your own product/service

Before offering your solution to the customer, you must first acquire all and every information on your product. You don’t just gain this knowledge to bat off the cross questions. Until you don’t know how exactly it helps your customer, you might not want to take any significant steps towards selling it. It’s not yet time to concern yourself with selling it to who, not just yet.

Have a clear vision about your goals

It’s only when you really envision yourself successful, there’s a higher chance that you will actually achieve success. Turning your attention into reality needs a proper planning and prioritizing your tasks. An outline of your moves must be drawn to map your way to the required results.

Design a customer profile

Now that you truly know what you have and the right way to introduce it to the market, next move is figuring out exactly who you want to present it to. Draw a picture that ranges your target prospects. When you are fully informed on what you’re selling you have a clear idea of people/organization that will buy your product. The ideal customers will find you because you have what they need. That shall give you a basic profile of where to hunt for your prospects.

Strategize and implement

You now possess a firm grasp on ‘what,’ ‘how’ and ‘who,’ it’s finally time to apply the ideas you have learned. It would be wise to start with small markets, test it out first. You know you have a good product to sell; if you’re facing problems selling it, don’t doubt your product yet. Small revisit in your selling techniques would be wise.

Conclusion: The procedures in finding the right ICP may vary according to the industry’s genre. But there are good ICPs for every business; only thing is whether or not you grab the ideal customers before your competitors do. Waste not even a minute in finding your right market to grow the sales pipeline.