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Lead generation, which was limited to face-to-face or door-to-door marketing, presently has a much wider dimension. The traditional method allowed businesses to persuade potential leads one at a time. This tedious method, incorporated with the technological advancements, morphed into print and radio bandwidth based advertising. That drew consumers towards the products and services the organization provided.

Other techniques such as cold calling and mass mailings were introduced in the later years. These techniques got the job done but did not quite stack up next to the growing business lead generation demands. However, with the invention of the internet and the technological boom of the 21st century, these traditional methods were replaced.

These new contemporary techniques of lead generation are perceived as more efficient and less time consuming than their predecessors. With their use, different organizations have been able to reach out to the masses.

Innovative business approaches have helped capitalize on ideas that no other had previously thought about or dared try. Businesses with advanced approaches towards their products and services, in many cases, have been rewarded with profitable revenue growth and existing customer increases.

Just an additional feature to an already existing product: like an ordinary coffee holder in the car deck or the series of inventive ads that we see at present has had audiences give their attention to such products. Many commerce institutions have accumulated ideas that stand above their competitors. Innovation allows their products to gain better publicity and visibility.

The following lead generation procedures have proven effective compared to bland conventional techniques:

Create Product Videos

Research on Human Learning Behavior suggests that 65% of humans are visual learners. A report by Jennifer Pepper, in Landing Page Optimization, states that product explainer videos can generate leads at a rate of up to 33%. When videos are given that creative storytelling touch, it can increase viewer engagement and further inspire product investment. Product videos don’t need to be long; a brief video description will suffice. Above all, social platforms and online video streaming have heightened the convenience of viewing such content.

Provide Best Practices for a Challenging Tactic

New marketing tactics call for a large quantity of research. Stepping foot into a new marketing tactic requires method comparison and knowledge on success. Preparing a list of best practices is incredibly beneficial to the marketer when getting started.

Unify CTA Wording and Landing Page

Google often fails to show search results when you desperately need them. Where do you go from here? You probably would opt for another keyword and never return to the original. Due to this particular human persona or our short attention span, we don’t look through every detail on the website. This causes an increase in bounce rate if the required information is not highlighted. To help lower the bounce rate, make sure that all primary Calls to Action (CTA) on your pages match the page titles. This gives your visitors confidence that the information they’re receiving matches their search query.

Blog Consistently

Marketing experts have proclaimed repeatedly that blogs are the best way to get the attention of your target audience. You can try a wide variety of content, such as special blog series, educational how-to blogs and roundups that educate your customers. Add value to your blogs and publishing them with a pre-defined consistency. This way, you can earn the trust of your audience and convert them into buyers. Another way to capitalize on blogs is to compel your first-time visitors to revisit the blog with luring content.

Simplify your Landing Page

An effective landing page is one where you have a clear CTA. A visitor enters your page for one reason. A clear goal tells your visitors what to do while they’re on your website. Not diverting them in multiple directions helps you achieve your desired lead gen result, gaining additional leads or closing deals. Go through your landing page, note the number of CTAs you have, and eliminate CTAs of lower priority. The same can be done with links, be sure to delete unnecessary links to help keep your visitors eye on the prize.

Business Impact: How Innovations Help Companies

  • Growing service/product revenue with existing customers
  • Customer loyalty/retention rates
  • Cross-sell/upsell metrics
  • Percentage of customers purchasing value-added service offerings
  • Technology repurchase metrics or product pull-through
  • Sales and marketing process efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Employee performance measurement (productivity, satisfaction, turnover, etc.)

Taking a Step Further Outside the Box

Conventional lead gen practitioners prefer sticking to the rusted guidelines for lead gen, or occasionally step beyond the prescribed perimeters. However, deep diving into a rather unknown realm of uncertainty is something these marketers dread most. After all, stepping outside your comfort zone can be filled with risk and uncertainty. Nevertheless, many industries have conquered these fears and tried their luck attempting to achieve marketing greatness. Listed below are some unorthodox social media applications and sites that could surprise you with occasional leads or tarnish your company’s reputation to some extent; the choice is yours.


Yes, Tinder! Feeling awkward? Good!

Hunting for leads in a dating application seems like an act of desperation. However, we’ll have you know that this application is comprised of thousands of probable leads, depending on your target audience. Flaunting attributes that allure your leads to “swipe right” is ideal. No, we are not suggesting you go bold with your birthday suit. Instead, start off with a rather witty introduction for your profile. An ideal example could be: “Business over a cuppa coffee sounds interesting. Care to step outside for a casual conversation?”

Additionally, upload pictures of your products or services. This gives your probable viewers a chance to visualize what you’re all about.


Those dang millennials are the taking over!

The way Snapchat guides its users to subjects of interest has so far, fetched multiple audiences, helping with lead generation and conversion processes. The discover page, two swipes to the right of your lovely dog face filter, shows users the topics and organizations they choose to follow. This page updates constantly per content uploaded by the responsible organization. For every organization, gaining followers may not be an easy task. Nevertheless, if your organization manages to get enough followers, you can upload new launches, features, and extra offers to keep your collected mass engaged and informed.



LinkedIn is programmed to notify users, each week, about who visited your accounts. To do so, it uses email services. Make use of these services with your own email marketing. Each day, search and browse a large number of profiles – desperation alert again –and LinkedIn will email a link to your profile to each of those people, saying you have viewed their profile. This helps increase the possibility of your leads reaching out to you after getting this notification.


The social media search bar can help you find preferred searches like, “Posts about #leadgentips”, with the use of hashtags. Recent #trends have helped segregate groups serving a specific purpose. Research specific areas that your target audience is interested and engaging in and then message those individuals and stay up to date on their postings.