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How can AI technology assist the sales team?

On February 2nd, Fusemachines hosted the SalesTech event, Lead Generation 2.0 – People Process and AI at Work-Bench. We invited Noah Goldman, Nicolas Vanderbergh, Scott Britton, and Jeff Reekers to explore the impact that AI has had within the lives of sales professionals. In addition, our panel addressed how AI will shape lead generation strategies and techniques moving forward. With over 60 people in the audience, there was an insightful and ongoing dialogue filled with Q&A regarding AI in sales. Check out some of the highlights from the event:

What are the opportunities we can look forward to as the result of AI?

Within a short amount of time, AI has drastically impacted sales teams and the internal processes within them. In today’s digital age, sales teams are constantly facing communication overload, which means that a valuable amount of time is spent on repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as data entries and appointment bookings. With the help of AI, sales reps can now focus on maximizing their horsepower and having meaningful conversations without having to worry about all of the other time-consuming tasks. As AI technology continues to advance, so will the impact it has on sales teams. For example:

• Natural Language Processing will be the key to quicker sales as it becomes more accurate
• Sales Bots and prospecting efforts will continue to adapt with AI technology and intelligence
• AI will help with a lot of high-frequency tasks by scheduling meetings, sorting through emails, and listening to sales calls
• A lot of AI technology that has been pioneered by companies such as Google is now becoming open sourced
• AI will be moving into directions that reduce data entries while allowing people to maximize productivity and revenue

“Salespeople aren’t there to type data into salesforce all day long, they are there to make a lot of money in sales…AI will remove the barriers to making people better at their work such as the mundane process of updating your CRM”- Jeff Reekers, Panelist

What are some of the challenges that could potentially arise as the result of AI?

• A lot of the data sets that AI runs off of are not accurate yet and the data has to correlate with the results you want to produce.
• AI Algorithms

What can we expect to see moving forward in the sales and AI space?

Email and calling will remain, but we can expect improved workflows that make us better at our jobs with less mundane tasks. For example, platforms such as Slack and Salesforce have provided an integrated experience that will allow all tasks to be completed from the same location. A sales development rep will no longer have to go to different places to do work. Moving forward, messaging will be our future. During our panel, Scott Britton stated, “You shouldn’t have to go 10 different places to do your job, you should be able to make calls, send emails, and be able to have semantic analysis of your texts while writing emails in your platform.” We can expect an integrated experience where you can use all the tools in the same place and you will be able to have meaningful conversations at your comfort.