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The bitter part of history depicts the deprived and second-class lifestyle women have lived. A peek back in time reveals the hardships gender inequality brought in the lives of the female population. Nonetheless, with a constant societal evolution, the formerly derailed inequality issues are being gradually discussed and fixed. However, the present still exhibits the consequences of the aftermaths of inequality. As a result, no matter how progressive the contemporary society is, equality gap still prevails.

At present, many professional sectors have started seeing the equal participation of both genders. However, the tech industry represents one of the biggest gender equality ironies. Though technological evolution has played a dominant role in revolutionizing the society, the professional involvement of women there has been minimal.

At Fusemachines, the men to women ratio marginally exceeds that of leading tech industries. Furthermore, a recent internal survey concluded that the majority of “Fuse Women” are confident that they are as capable and credible as their male counterparts in spite of a few gender related issues. The following graphic provides a clearer summary of the mindset of the “Women at Fusemachines.”