Know Our Engineer: Ashish Parajuli

Ashis Parajuli, against all odds, managed to find a career that he is most passionate about, i.e. AI engineer. Born in Sunsari, Itahari, he did his schooling from Bright Future Secondary School Morang and high school from Vishwa Adarsha HSS, Sunsari. For his bachelor degree, he came to Kathmandu and pursued Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Ashis quickly realized that there wasn’t much scope in the field of electronic engineering in Nepal, career-wise. He decided to drive his attention to the computer and IT courses. He started taking elective computer courses in college and developed a keen interest in big data and data mining. In the field of data science in Nepal, sadly there aren’t many good opportunities either. He joined Kozzaja Infotech where he learned and worked in Android Development, while he was in the 7th semester of his engineering.

After his graduation, he was working at  E-Signature as Android Developer when he came to a revelation. All the mathematics and statistic lessons while studying engineering was going to waste working as an Android Developer. So he decided to shift into a career that more suited to his educational background. He saw it fit to start working in web development to get into the career of IT. He applied for the Java Developer vacancy at Fusemachines. During the interview, he mentioned his interests towards Big Data. Luckily there was an opportunity in Fusemachines to work in Big Data and he was hired as Big Data Developer.

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Fusemachines Diaries

Since September 2016 Ashis has journeyed to become a Lead Data Engineer in the Social Media & Crawl Data Intersect Project at Fusemachines. Fusemachines not only gave him the opportunity to work in the field he admires but also sponsored to get Developer Certification for Apache Spark.

Ashis is the first Nepali certified Spark Engineer to appear from Nepal. He describes his time in Fusemachines so far as a satisfying endeavor.

Personal endeavors

Ashis is an active member of overall Big Data and AI scenario here in Nepal. He has been participating in various talk shows related to the Big Data and AI in Nepal. He has also taken an initiative grow and develop the network of AI Engineers and Data Scientists in Nepal.

Digital Nepal (E-governance) is a Facebook group started by Ashis for the data scientists and AI Engineers to present their findings and have discussions relevant to the field.

With few other engineers at Fusemachines, Kshitiz Mandal and Nishan Pantha, Ashis has written a paper, Artificial Intelligence, Big data and Cloud Driven E-Governance. This paper illustrates the important role of AI and big data and cloud-driven system in the development of E-Governance in Nepal. A cloud driven E-Governance promises to eliminate all the hassles that general public has to face.

He is also selected to be part of Global NIPS Paper Implementation Challenge. Expert mentors from Baidu silicon valley AI lab, Amazon core Machine learning, Google NVIDIA and NIPS authors are the members of this event. He is doing research on cutting edge technology i.e. Deep Learning to compete in NIPS.

Life beyond Tech

Ashis has a firm connection with the world besides digital realm. His main hobbies include traveling and meditation. He starts his day with meditation which helps to stay refresh and active throughout the day. He participated in Vipassana, a ten-day meditation course where he experienced a “life-altering” positive mental and emotional change. 


“Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to me is what music normally is to everyone; I just simply love it.  I have never wanted to be anywhere but in this field. In the beginning, this dream of mine seemed bleak. I was pursuing Electronics Engineering for my Bachelor’s degree. But I didn’t see any career opportunities in that field in Nepal, which fit my passion. But somehow my determination to not give up on my passion led me to Fusemachines.

The exploration that I have been able to do here has simply been awesome. I feel glad to see myself being able to take some initiatives to contribute in the data science community in Nepal. Big data and AI are not just a career choice for me, it’s my way of life. I must say Fusemachines has provided a firm platform for me to grow in the world I prefer to be”