ambre hasson

The Fusemachines puzzle piece we are showcasing today in our “Know Our Employees Series” is Ambre Hasson. Ambre has been with Fusemachines since August 2015. Her responsibilities and key achievements with Fusemachines include ­bringing in more clients. Her other job responsibilities include working as a liaison between the New York and Nepal team.

Listing problem solving as her top skill, Ambre has a wide array of experience. In the summer of 2012, she spent 3 months volunteering/supervising at Buckland Farm, Pennsylvania. She spent over 60 hours a week managing and organizing the selling of produce and meat at a farmers market. Additionally, she mentored 10 volunteers from across the globe working on several farm projects. Ambre has also worked in the hospitality sector to help finance her college education where she learned how to work under pressure and develop interpersonal skills.

With a Bachelors degree in Economics, from the University of Virginia, Ambre also studied behavioral finance in college. During that time she was selected to tutor French and Economics courses for the athletic department. Her love for the environment led her to found a company called Hoos Hungover. They created a cleanup service geared towards promoting environmental awareness and reducing littering community. This is also where she had firsthand experience about marketing an organization, managing clients, etc.

Making peoples food and wine disappear in the evening and waking up with the rising sun to run, Ambre is an outgoing and social person who also loves dancing. Born and raised in Paris, she moved to the U.S. with her family and her desire to travel the world has only soared since.

On weekends or in her spare time, you will find her biking or running across the bridges in Manhattan. She ran the half marathon this year and her goal is to run the NY marathon in 2017. Ambre was introduced to Fusemachines after college and ever since then has had an incredibly interesting journey.  Her love for travel has taken her to more than 15 countries and the favorite being Death Valley in Cali which she thinks looks like Mars or the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

Seeing the New York team double and having worked with a diverse and bright set of people, her experience with Fusemachines has been of constant learning and being able to challenge herself.  Her future plans include, “I hope one day to have my own company – it will probably have something to do with food and/or traveling. Having lived and studied in three different countries, I value diversity and different perspectives. I believe it is the key to any company’s ability to innovate in a fast- changing environment. I have learned invaluable lessons in quickly adapting to and understanding new settings, in dealing with a range of expectations and in communicating myself clearly.”


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