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Know Our Employee Series – Sanit Maharjan iconWith a smile that could light up a billion planets, our charming man of mystery, Sanit Maharjan features on this edition of our “Know Our Employee” series. He is assigned with the job of designing and developing our system, and writing well designed, testable and efficient code. He is also responsible for conducting research and preparing and producing software components. However, handling the sourcing tab of the Sales Automation Machine (SAM)  is his current primary responsibility and the team he leads does exactly that. To Sanit, a good day is when his team finishes the assigned tasks efficiently and quickly so they can chill for the rest of the day.

But every day is not Friday and when there is a problem Sanit will wish for it to go away magically. If that doesn’t work, this 26 year old software engineer will put in all his effort into fixing it and will not rest until he kills his bug. Since joining the team in 2014, he has seen himself transform along with the company. He admits to being poor in connecting with strangers. But he makes up for it by learning from his colleagues and working as a team player.

A dreamer and a thinker with a stern inclination towards the scientific, Sanit likes to spend his time lost in the pages of fiction and science and technology books. His favorite ones are “A Brief History of Time”, “Eleven minutes” and “The Lord of the rings saga” amongst the many thought provoking reads that feed his skeptical nature. He prefers the quietness of solitude to the noise and distractions of modern existence. But he is definitely not the boring type if you were wondering. As they say the quietest people have the loudest minds and a conversation with him is always a pleasant experience. How many ladies fall victim to his charm is a matterof speculation.

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