know our employee series

sumanThe Fusemachines puzzle piece we are highlighting today, for our know our employee series, is Suman Maharjan. Suman is our Senior Design Manager and is responsible for driving the creative wing of the company by managing the design team and working in close collaboration with the technology, marketing and content team. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Management from Prime College. Along with his design deliverables, he has strong communication skills and acts a design liaison between the New York and Kathmandu offices.

As a Senior Design Manager, Suman is an experienced front-end developer. His expertise in UX related research and design, HTML/CSS codes and other web designs and practices allow him to effectively manage the front end of product development. His attention to detail and focused approach allows him to effectively manage his team and time towards meeting tight deadlines while ensuring quality deliverables. His ability to adapt to situations and fill in different roles makes him a valuable asset for Fusemachines. In addition to his professional commitments, Suman is also involved in creating team building and stress busting activities at the office.

To relax and rejuvenate, Suman enjoys, listening to music and reading and he is a football and photography enthusiast. Suman has been working at Fusemachines, for over four years and values being a part of an amazing and challenging team. He hopes to improve the design team deliverables by training and motivating his team to design each pixel with perfection. He greatly appreciates his team for their contributions towards tireless delivery. Suman enjoys his role at Fusemachines and hopes work hard every day and grow with the company!



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