anil_iconThe employee we are featuring today in our “know our employee” series is Anil Dongol. Anil is a Senior Software Engineer and a Java protagonist of the Fusemachines backend software team. Since joining Fusemachines in 2014, Anil has been one of the core members in the handling of application development and deployment.

As a senior software engineer, he leads the Java team and directs them in accordance to the clients’ requirements. Spring and Java are his platforms of choice. He also plays a major role in handling application security and requirements. Graduated from Prime College with Bachelors in Information Management, he is passionate about learning new technologies and refining his knowledge. Anil has a strong determination to achieve his goals, and problem solving works is a major drive for him.

Besides work, Anil loves classical and hard rock music. The range of his musical preference extends from legendary rock and rollers like Led Zepplin, and Megadeth to the Pink Floyd’s “Dark side of the moon” . He plays electric guitar and actively attends live rock shows around town. Anil lies on the ambivert terrain of our social plane. He enjoys travelling with friends and playing futsal on weekends. He is an abid follower of English Premier League and a die-hard fan of Liverpool FC.