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Sales processes aren’t for faint hearted, one could say. Closing a sale is an emotional endeavor as much as it is intellectual. Just getting the facts straight isn’t enough, getting your fear of rejection under control is also essential. Every other sales person suffers from sales call reluctance. It’s basically the fear of being rejected like all ordinary people. In this context, it is concerning towards hitting a dead end with the prospective customers.

Fear is one of the dominant emotions of humans that affects majorly in our decision-making process. Although it cannot be considered completely harmless, sometimes nervousness can keep you on your toes. Embracing fear is highly not recommended; getting over it is important.


Worrying about the prospect’s perception towards you is pretty reasonable. Having a good rapport with the potential customer is vital. Wondering what the client thinks of you, while in the meeting will drive your focus into wrong directions. Proper self-grooming and dressing nice is always a good idea. When you know you are dressed right, you’ll be in your comfort zone, which keeps you confident. It should help you make a good first impression.


We are always our own biggest critics. Self-doubt is our ruthless enemy; a nick of hesitation can destroy the whole sales process. You might not even get to the meeting or pick up the phone because of the fear of being rejected. Keeping in mind that your product/service is for your client’s benefit should give you the push you need. Because when you assume that it reflects as if you are providing help rather than selling.When you believe that the client is the one who will be in loss if the sale isn’t closed then the ball is in your court.


Over-thinking about your job creates unnecessary stress; just remember selling is not a unique thing. There are thousands of people doing what you do and successfully. Try to take it as lightly as possible; if you strike out with one client, there are many others waiting to be sold. People are going to space and coming back in one piece. Not demeaning the level of toughness and patience Astronauts must possess. The point is to have fun with your work, maintaining the professionalism of course.

Thinking Too Far

Though the ultimate goal of any salesperson would be closing the sale; but worry about the results when it’s time to collect. An efficient sales process contains smaller processes that are linked to each other which expect to observe closed deals. Taking one step at a time and making sure that each step is executed efficiently is advisable. When your approaches are properly planned, you are already paving the way to a satisfactory conclusion. So there’s no need to worry about the outcome.

Attachment to Uncertainty

Being in the moment is very necessary so you can focus on what you are doing right now. Making sure that what you do in the precise present is being executed correctly should always be the primary concern. Worrying about the possible inefficient outcome will only weigh your psyche towards negative assumptions. The thing about uncertainty is that it’s not only negative result hiding behind it. If you put out positive energy so shall you receive in return.

Solution to any problem is accepting that you have a problem. If you are aware of the depth of your fear, you have the tools to manipulate it. There is very little you cannot do when you are clear of your of own conscience. Do not ignore your fear but again don’t embrace it either. Learn to channel negative energy, which is your fear, into something productive.

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