fusemachines office
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Team members at our Kathmandu office like to work hard and play hard. Walk into our open office and you will hear different genres of music drawn from a playlist created by all employees – a perfect example of our diversity and easy going environment. As you walk though our bright orange walls, it is common to see people breakaway into our three meeting rooms and collaborate on various ongoing projects. Our Kathmandu office is inviting and enticing and beyond because our team has put in a lot of effort towards renovating it with bright walls and original creatives.

There is a table tennis board with constant matches ongoing to re-energize and relax. We also have plenty of coffee in our kitchen and a few beds for power naps if you are not in the mood for a game. The easy going nature of our team members has translated into the interior of our office. We have compiled a few glimpses of our office and our dedicated team. For more information about working for Fusemachines you can email us at info@fusemachines.com


The welcoming entrance of our office, first floor


The inspiring lobby, second floor


An aerial shot of our hard working tech team, the covered area in the back has a kitchen and a siesta space, second floor


A break from work, second floor


Motivated and tireless tech team, second floor