AI Fellowship

In the very near future, AI engineers are going to be the most sought-after hires. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are undoubtedly shaping the future. It’s going to be even more important to stay relevant and keep up with these changes. Fusemachines recognizes the responsibility to train young students about the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence. With companies of every vertical investing in AI, the demand for engineers with the requisite knowledge and abilities is quickly rising. New York City is known to attract students with high aptitudes in scientific disciplines and a desire to lead innovation.  The Fusemachines AI Fellowship was designed to tap into such talent and create a pool of AI specialists.

After a successful first session in Kathmandu (Nepal), the AI Fellowship is launching in New York this winter. With mentors from Columbia University and the University of Toronto, the program expects to receive applications from many different colleges in the New York region.

This is a one-year fellowship program that aims to create a talent pool of AI engineers. Fusemachines had an overwhelming participation in the first edition of this program that we launched last year in Nepal. We were delighted by the number of interested candidates that had a keen interest in AI and Machine Learning. For the announced 26 seats, the fellowship in Nepal received over 400 applications.

The fellowship enables college seniors and recent grads with STEM degrees to obtain a MicroMasters Credential in Artificial Intelligence from Columbia University while enhancing their opportunities to work in the AI industry. The fellows receive an in-depth training in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Neural Networks Technology. 

Fusemachines will pay for the courses for the selected students. The latter will get the opportunity to develop applications of AI that address real-world problems in healthcare, mobility, communications. and other fields. Every student with the required qualifications is invited to apply by December 10th. 

This program was created to provide students with the opportunity to take part in the wave of AI innovation. While elite universities like Stanford are offering courses in machine learning and AI, there are actually few opportunities to get hands-on experience in those areas. Through the fellowship program, Fusemachines aims to solve this issue and enable students from underserved communities to contribute to the evolution of AI. This is an opportunity not only to learn but engage in real AI based projects.

Fusemachines AI Fellowship offers a unique opportunity to develop skills in the highly lucrative field of computer science. The program is mentored by two researchers and industry veterans who were at IBM Watson: Sameer Maskey and Steve Rennie. Sameer is an adjunct professor at Columbia University and the CEO of Fusemachines Inc. Steve is a renowned expert in machine learning for speech and language as well as the Director of Research at Fusemachines.
More info about the program and application is available here