In order for the future generations to thrive, it’s high time we acknowledge our obligation to educate the young students about Artificial Intelligence. Fusemachines has already taken an initiative in this arena. After the completion of a successful first semester in Nepal (2016/17), the Fusemachines AI Fellowship is back with a global approach.

What is Fusemachines AI Fellowship?

The Fusemachines AI Fellowship is a one-year program that aims to create a talent pool of AI engineers. It is targeted at interested maths/programming students to provide them with proper education on AI and its sub-theories. This fellowship is focused on disseminating valuable knowledge about Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and producing qualified AI experts.

When and where?

The first session (2016/17) has already successfully been completed in Kathmandu, Nepal, with a remarkable number of participants/candidates. We are set to launch another session (2017/18) in Nepal. At the same time, we are expanding the fellowship program geographically. The Fusemachines AI Fellowship will take place in New York City, the Dominican Republic later this year, and Rwanda the following year.

Here are the places and respective dates of the up-coming fellowships:

〉 Nepal: December 2017
〉 Dominican Republic:  Winter 2017/2018
〉 New York, USA: December 2017

Why AI fellowship?

〉 Guidance and mentorship from AI experts with industry knowledge
〉 In-depth training in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Neural Networks technology
〉 A paid-for certification with access to academic and professional opportunities in the field
〉Opportunity to develop AI applications that address real-world problems in healthcare, mobility, communications
〉 Chance to join a global network of scholars, fellows, and AI practitioners

Who can apply?

Seniors (4th year students) and college graduates that have majored in or have degrees in Computer Science or Applied Mathematics can apply. Some experience in programming is also required for candidates. The candidates most also possess a personal laptop and must be able to commit at least 20 hours per week.

How to apply?

Interested candidates from Nepal, DR and New York with the aforementioned educational backgrounds are encouraged to apply. If you fit the criteria, you can simply apply by visiting our website. You can also use the following link:

The Mentors:

Sameer Maskey

CEO and Founder of Fusemachines, Sameer holds more than 15 years of experience in Natural Language Processing/Machine Learning/Data Science. He formulated the idea of the AI Fellowship. He currently teaches data science and technology entrepreneurship at Columbia University.

Steven J. Rennie

Steven recently joined Fusemachines as Director of Research. After obtaining a PhD specializing in speech recognition, he went on to work as the Team Lead for IBM Watson Multimodal Group. He has 20 years of experience in research and development.

We welcome you to join the Fusemachines AI fellowship if you are interested and qualified. A few of the chosen participants from the last fellowship have already secured positions at Fusemachines and have been active in various AI based projects. If you see yourself working in the technology field, this is the place to be.

For further information, you can visit the following link: