Fusemachines Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fellowship Program officially kicked off this Wednesday, June 14, at Fusemachines Nepal. A thorough orientation — lasting a total of five hours — comprising the fellowship faculty, mentors, and the selected Fellows was organized to mark the start of the year long program.

The orientation was conducted by Fusemachines’ CEO, Dr. Sameer Maskey. During the program, the participants were provided with the fellowship schedule and procedures to cope with the self-paced learning curriculum.

Understanding the growing trend of AI in the global market, Fusemachines AI Fellowship Program aims at creating competent local engineers with the capability of competing with some of the biggest and most prolific AI engineers in the world. In due course, the fellowship faculty selected 27 of the best AI scholars from a total of 422 applicants.

Citing the contemporary AI picture in Nepal, CEO Maskey said, “There has always been a qualified labor pool that is ready to be tapped in Nepal. Nepali engineers have raw talent but lack the required training to compete with the world. Fusemachines was created to train Nepali engineers in various AI technologies.”

The first edition of Fusemachines Artificial Intelligence Fellowship Program has brought together computer science and IT students, along with young IT professionals with zeal in machine learning, data science, and natural language processing. The participants will be guided and monitored on a regular basis by mentors and AI professionals from different parts of the world.

A Glimpse from Fusemachines AI Fellowship Orientation

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