In a world where automation makes the lives of managers easier, mastering customer service automation is crucial to meet the demands of the customers in the process. Not all customer service automation practices are efficient, so a framework of dos and don’ts before implementation can be useful. If implemented wisely, your company can benefit greatly by resolving customer issues faster, reducing the amount of unwanted errors, and creating a more efficient customer service process. Here are some of the best practices for automating and streamlining your customer service processes to suit your business.

DO have a context aware help system
Make sure the system takes into account the context of where the question is coming from, and what the question will be.

DO have a knowledgebase that keeps itself updated with each user interaction

DO have a confidence scoring mechanism to find out when customers are not happy with the automated system
Make sure the AI system knows how to check its confidence in each of its actions so that it can route the action to a human when necessary. 

DO have a system for seamless transfer between automated system and human agents seamlessly
Keep a balance between both live chat and automated support. Training your representatives along with the system will result in an efficient alliance.  

DO have a central system that listens to all channels for the same customer
Maintain a database of your customers with information such as identity, location, products purchased or services used in the past to know your customers and their preferences.

DO have a predictive technology that predicts the next channel and next step the system/agent should perform based on previous customer behavior
Based on the data it collects from each consumer touchpoint, the system should be able to predict future problems and followup questions, in order to service customers even faster.

DO enable users to find answers at different granularities in the knowledgease i.e. documents, passages, sentences

DO NOT be ok with static FAQs on your website
Make sure the system is updated and relevant. Timely maintenance and regular updates to the knowledgebase is a must to avoid irrelevant and redundant responses to customers.

DO NOT rely on only one channel of communication for knowlegebase updates

DO NOT assume that service representatives know all the answers to all the questions, enable them with necessary tools
Make sure the system complements, not replaces, the customer service representatives.

If customer service is automated correctly, managers can focus on strategizing and expanding the core areas of their business. The main objective of customer service automation is to eliminate the redundancy and queries that frustrate both the customers and customer service representatives. In the process, companies can benefit from effective use of resources and positive feedback from customers. The ideas mentioned above are a few options to help companies practice customer service automation effectively.

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