How Fusemachines is changing the way you talk to customers

customer serviceIn order to progress in the business world, catering to your customers’ needs is essential. Customer service representatives (CSR) are often a primary, if not the only, contact point for customers. So it is important to arm your CSR with the right data to improve your customers’ brand experience. In addition, CSRs need to be precise and prompt in responding to customers’ queries. Fusemachines helps maximize your competitive edge by improving customer experience when customers contact your brand by empowering your CSRs with the right information through a unified knowledge base.

How We Do It

  • 25Customer service calls are successful when they are short and sweet and get to the point, and this is the core area in which Fusemachines helps companies.
  • Our system is able to crawl all company data and create a unified knowledge base that includes Q&A’s and important documents in different file formats. This will give customer service reps the right information at the right time so that errors are minimized and customers are happy. The amount of relevant information that customer service representatives have access to is also vastly increased through our system.

Why We Do It

19In the business world of today, a company’s big data is as important as its customers because of its myriad benefits. Big data can be used to redevelop products, create new streams of revenue, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance all organisational functions in general. But perhaps the most important benefit of big data is to enhance a company’s customer relationship.

Many cutting edge companies like Amazon are already using big data to enhance their customers’ experience to ensure that the interaction with them is always very positive. However a lot of other large companies are unsure of how to utilize big data and optimize their customer service. There are numerous horror stories of customers being treated roughly by customer service represenatives of large companies that have gone viral on social media. These interactions create huge damage to the brand image of the companies and it may sometimes take years for them to recover from such setbacks.

So how can companies use big data to make their customers happy?

How To Do It Right

Arm your customer service representatives with adequate data

32Companies need to make sure that their customer service representatives have access to the right data to solve customer queries. This means not only information about the customer they are talking to, but also information about the company itself. In many cases, customer service representatives have access to only limited information, and they have to refer to somebody else to answer queries not related to their area. This leads to long hold times and frustrated customers.

Be precise and prompt in response to your customers’ queries

35Do you have a unified knowledgebase that customer service representatives can access to solve customer queries? For example, a customer service representative for an online shopping site might want to have knowledge about a customer’s previous purchases, but ideally, he should also have information about what products the store is offering. In case he is asked about an obscure product, he should be able to answer without difficulty. Maintaining accuracy in the information given out is also critical so that customers don’t feel mislead.

Big Data helps minimize turnover rate and maximize competitive edge

7There is a high turnover rate in customer service representative jobs for many companies and it takes a lot of time for companies to hire and train people in these positions. New customer service representatives firstly struggle with finding the right information, and secondly, even if they find it, it might be incomplete and irritate customers. But by using a unified knowledgebase companies can spend less time training their customer service representatives, which leads to big cost savings and can soften the impact of the turnover rate. Additionally, since all the customer service representatives use the same knowledge base, there is consistency in the responses, which is what companies crave in their customer service.

Where does Fusemachines come in?

36If companies are serious about leveraging big data to optimize their customer service, they have to make sure that their customer service representatives have the right resources, and this is where a company like Fusemachines can step in. Fusemachines is able to crawl all company data and it can help companies maintain a unified knowledgebase on both the customer and the company. This will help customer service representatives look up any information very quickly and intuitively, and give the right answers to customers with utmost ease, leaving customers satisfied and happy.

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