How to deal with illogical complaints of disappointed customers

The chiming email alerts from clients don’t always open up to pleasant content inside. However, diverting complaints from disappointed clients and using it to your benefit would be a wiser option as opposed to giving preference to pointing out your customers’ mistakes.

Marketing stats show that out of every 26 dissatisfied customers, only one chooses to voice complaints while the rest stay quiet. Like it or not, the uncomfortable dealings with customer complaints, in fact, are indicators that could be pivotal in enhancing customer service with better efficiency. Losing even a single customer can be costly to companies. Stats further indicate that the cost of acquiring a new customer is six to seven times costlier than keeping a current one.

Therefore, it is crucial to turn complaints into tactful solutions (despite the customer being wrong). Customer Service Reps (CSRs) need to be prepared with witty ways of addressing the disappointed customers’ woes. It is necessary to consider the fact that, customers don’t go on an irritable spree until they believe the stance they have taken is absolutely valid. Had they known they were wrong, they would’ve put forth their woes to the trustworthy CSRs.

Convincing disappointed customers is always tricky. Following are 4 simple ways of dealing with these customers.

apologize - iconStarting with an apology note, regarding the inconveniences the customer has had to face, goes a long way with many customers. A simple “I’m sorry to hear about your issues”, can lighten things up, to some extent. Even if the faulty issue has nothing to do with your company, keep pride away and envision your customer’s problems first.

Let Them Talk
let them talk - iconOpening doors to a healthy conversation can be mentally soothing to customers. This can increase the chances of customers, themselves, stumbling upon easy solutions. Also, the more they open up, the better chance you have to understanding their problems.

listen - iconThis has to be the most difficult part, especially when the customer is irrationally complaining about problems. Listening to them complain can have your mercury rising; but stay cool. Be a good listener, take notes and reanalyze their problems. When replying, emphasize on the key point, preferably by quoting the customers so they know what you are talking about and that you have been paying attention.

Give a Solution
solution - iconAssuring the customer with a solution will provide him or her solace. Whether the problem can be solved instantly or not, have your customer believe that the final result will have a happier conclusion. In case the solution takes more time than anticipated, keep the customer updated on the work progress. For instance, simply delegating tasks to someone more credible can be a solution in itself. A thorough guide over the phone or email can also be sent to the customer. In cases requiring manual assistance, fix an appointment with the customer and an employee skilled at solving problems as specified by the customer.

The above mentions are mere basics that will help ease correspondence between CSRs and customers. These will not only help calm the customers, but will also help reestablish customers’ trust and confidence towards your company and/or product.