We are so caught up on figuring out the advancement of AI technology that we often tend to overlook what is already a part of our lives or what we are already using. As discussed in an earlier post, SIRI on your iPhone is an example of AI that uses reason to cater to your needs. However, you must remember that any technology that uses human attributes is characterized as AI. We have compiled a list of common AI infused into your life which you may or may not find astonishing:


1. You will encounter AI in various forms at your house. Machines such as vacuum cleaners, dishwashers and microwaves which make household chores, the answering machine on your landline or the voicemail option on your phone, the burglar alarm that keeps you safe are all examples of AI. These devices use AI through sensors to perform programmed tasks.

2. When you step out to a public setting consider the sliding glass doors when you enter a building, the faucets and hand dryers in public bathrooms all of these operate with infrared sensory motion detectors and are examples of AI.

3. The attendance machine at work, the automatic weighing machine at your gym and the automatic price calculation by the gas pump at the gas station are also examples of AI. AI functions through recognition with the help of a memory chip that displays results based on pre registered information.

4. If you have ever taken a standardized test (such as TOFEL, SATs, GRE/ GMAT etc.) which required you to fill in answers. This is an example of AI because during the correction of answers a machine uses perception to detect answers and decision making to determine correct answers.

5. Medical equipment such as automatic blood pressure testing device are diabetic insulin level detection kit are more examples of AI. This is an example of AI because during the correction of answers a machine uses perception to detect and decision making to show levels of activities in our body.


Did you realize the extent of your dependence in AI across all fields?

A.I has been making your lives easier in various ways, for various years and is a part of various industries (such as education, health, banking, transportation, security etc.). At this point your dependence on AI is only increasing. At a time when the internet creates and caters to your problems, consider the role of AI during your browsing experience online. If you watch a video on Youtube then there are plenty of suggested videos that appear. Similarly when you are shopping online there is always a list of similar products. These suggestions, which are based on a lot of data analysis (which requires a separate blog post), often shape your next click on the website through the help of AI. As more businesses make their online presence daily our dependence on AI and the industry will only continue to grow.

Fun Fact: Computer Scientist John McCarthy coined the term “artificial intelligence” in 1956.

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