In our previous chatbot blog, we discussed some of the smart chatbots with uncanny humanness, including those that have the ability to pass the Turing Test — which is a test generated to test human intelligence in computers. In this blog, we discuss the chatbot revolution and how they are creating significant value for businesses.


The rise of artificial intelligence technology, coupled with the rapid proliferation of messaging apps, has made chatbots a glamorous marketing tool for businesses today. The number of people spending their time on messaging apps is also growing exponentially, with more than 1.4 billion users in 2015 and a projected 2 billion users by the end of 2016.

Today’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology allow the chatbot to connect with visitors in a more engaging and conversational manner. Chatbots not only answer questions of users, but also drive conversations, change topics, suggest similar topics, and even show demos.

Envisaging this enormous potential, a lot of brands have started deploying bots on messaging and collaboration channels. Facebook recently announced the introduction of bots inside their messenger, which is seen as the most important launch in the technological world since the App Store.

Slack, Microsoft, and Amazon are some of the biggest companies investing heavily in messaging and bot platforms. Although still in the early stages, many technology experts believe that 2017 will be the year for a chatbot revolution.

The below infographic shows some advantages of chatbots, along with some fresh stats.

infographics_chatbot revolution in businesses

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