Fusemachines_200th blog

Fusemachines wishes you all a happy New Year.

While you are gathered with your loved ones to celebrate the joys of the season, Fusemachines has yet another reason to rejoice. Our blogs, which have been providing insights into Fusemachines and the latest AI, and sales trends have reached the 200 milestone. For the past two years, Fusemachines’ blogs have been presenting you with engaging information of the tech, and sales realm. Now, commemorating the journey of the past two years, we unveil the team behind all the blogs and its promotion.

Here’s the team’s experience and the past recollections of their most profound memories.


When I first joined Fusemachines, blogging was new to me. Contrary to the conventional interview based write-ups, the blogs asked for a more focused research to pen down articles catering our targeted audience. Every article was an intellectual journey into an unfamiliar domain. Moreover, being a part of the AI fraternity, through tech-based research and write-ups, has been a hip experience.

In the past few months, I’ve been exploring the graphical aspect of blogging. It started with a banner for one of our blogs which was soon followed by our maiden v-log. The experience has been very enriching. It has helped me understand the promotional and marketing tools beyond content writing.


Fusemachines opened a whole new part of the world for me.The digital realm of our world that I knew was always there but hadn’t really explored. I have done researches and studies that I had never done even my entire school life, in last few months. Previously I had worked under harsh conditions and really unfair supervisors. The kind of work culture that we have in Fuse is for me personally paradise compared to what I have been through.

Writing has always been my passion, I have always been able to express myself through writing. So I’ve had practice in writing since very young age. I have always been fascinated with the idea of having something you love as your job. Here I found the opportunity to do so. Although writing about all the technical aspects is a challenge for me because I had never paid so much attention to that side of the world but that is what actually makes it more fun. My days so far in Fuse has definitely expanded my writing abilities and professionalism. Plus I have had the opportunity to show off my other talents such as singing and poetry and be appreciated greatly for them as well.


Fusemachines has given me this very phenomenal platform to amplify my skills on handling social media. I’ve been involving my brain in many researches, studies and inventing new ideas to develop guidelines, strategies, progress reports etc for Marketing efforts. I gained more knowledge about US culture and US business model. The working environment here is like home and my supervisor guides me on tasks and are open to interactive ideas development.

I’ve been always very passionate about Social sites to discover and explore many things because social sites has this ultimate power to connect people from one place to another and also to attract people, which left me on a thought on how to use this power on my professional life and then Fusemachines welcomed me to use and enhance my skills. I love my job very much. There are so much more to learn about and i’m building myself to make a better version of me for each and every obstacles to encounter.


We didn’t even have a blog when I started at Fusemachines. I was hired as a Content Writer and my job was to write content for our products. We were just starting to assemble our team and were looking for a direction. Only after 6 months from my hire, our first blog was published. Kriti wrote the first blog and I was lucky to write the second blog which was published on 11th March 2015. After consistently and persistently working on blogs, we reached the 100 blog milestone last year. Now we’ve reached the 200th milestone, which I believe is an awesome feat.


Working in Fusemachines has been one of the best experiences in my life. When I joined Fusemachines, it was utterly a new field for me. But I did my research and kept on working and my tasks (SEO) slowly started to make sense to me and eventually everything was clear. I am really fascinated with the company culture, environment and flexibility in Fusemachines.

Whereas in marketing department, things are always changing and priorities are always fluctuating, this gives us chance to learn many things on the process. I think this is really good opportunity to enhance skills and knowledge in many fields. I’ve been in Fusemachines for two years already and it’s been a remarkable experience so far. I hope I am here in many more years to come, the new challenges that arise everyday here helps sharpen our mind for overall world experiences.


Fusemachines have provided me with a new experience in the field of Marketing. The professional side of social media was new to me. But I eventually learned the tricks of the trade. Personally, I’ve enjoyed promoting the blogs that our writers write on Fusemachines’ social media platform. It’s in-fact a matter of pride to be given the responsibility of representing the company’s belief through digital platforms.


I’ve been juggling between blogs and other design related tasks for over two years now. The writers consider me as the face for their product. I’ve faced the heat, laughed with the writers, and at time felt like throwing the first object at my reach to them. They can be a real pain at times. However, when it’s all said and done, the final product never ceases to amaze. Congratulations to everyone involved, and a special thank you to Kshitiz for the creative input in the latest designs. If you see a banner on the page, it probably won’t be mine, but his.