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If your organization hasn’t started using AI for business operations, we highly recommend you do. In order for businesses to prosper and remain competitive in the global economy, AI functionalities need operational execution. What many people do not know is that businesses have already started incorporating AI functions.

The integration of Artificial Intelligence has aided businesses in effectively executing tasks on a daily basis. From email automation to analyzing crucial consumer behaviors, to scouting prospects – AI provides vital trending business insights. An article by Advance Systems states that “technology has always created more jobs than it eliminates because automation is quick, cheap, and increases demand for human workers to do the other tasks that have not been automated”.

However, researchers claim that some spaces are better for utilizing AI in businesses. A survey comprising 230 business and technology executives found that only 26% of companies used automation to perform repetitive tasks. This data is incredibly low, given the increasing availability of high-quality AI technologies. Nonetheless, of the companies that denied the use of AI, 88% reported they relied on services powered by AI. These include predictive analytics, automated written reporting and communications, and voice recognition and response.

We have compiled facts that show the potential impact of AI in business operations and its growing need today. The following is a graphical representation of the effects AI has on businesses.