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With an increasing demand for Artificial Intelligence, it is evident that humans must reconsider their contributions to their respective professions. In sales alone, it is estimated that 40% of time spent on sales work can be automated using AI. Nonetheless, a recent Sales Hacker article by Alex Hillsberg reports that offloading 40 percent of work doesn’t devalue sales reps. He states, “At worst, sales reps need to adapt to a new role. They’ll be marketers, even managers, sort of. They need more analytical skills to derive insights out of data and use it to run territory campaigns.”

In sales, the introduction and popularization of automated bots have come to the aid of many sales reps. The function of automated bots vary per the personalized needs of their sales representatives. What makes bots trustworthy is that their voice aligns with the intentions of the company or the sales representative. Below are some further possibilities that bots provide in sales.

Dedicate Time to Prospects

Making a sale is a tricky process. It involves sifting leads through a funnel to eventually qualifying a handful of individuals with buying intent. The methods involved can be time-consuming and feel tedious. However, with automated bots, sales reps can dedicate their time to the conversion process of such prospects rather than deal with never-ending product queries. Bots intervene by interacting and even answering questions put forth by users or curious dwellers.


For a sales skilled professional, product or service related technical issues can be confusing and such cases occur quite frequently.

So, what do you do? You can either scan through all the knowledge you have acquired or simply ask someone at work for help. But with bots, it’s a different story. Bots can be programmed to communicate on different levels. Therefore, they play multiple roles per the requirement of the situation.

Compile Users’ Feedbacks and Information

You wouldn’t agree to give out your opinion unless there’s an incentive behind the survey. But bots are an effective medium of collecting lead information. The data gathered by assigning these bots can be later used in the sales process that follows the interaction. Chatbots soften the approach to gathering feedback by naturally introducing questions while conversing.

Make Communication More Engaging

It’s no secret that chatbots can provide quality information to customers. Additionally, bots can also make conversation between prospects and sales representatives more engaging. For example the Facebook Messenger bot Fify claims to be an intelligent fashion discovery and transaction bot. Alongside recommending fashion tips per the user’s taste and preferences, the bot will simultaneously encourage sales of various clothing products.

Remind Users to Stay on Top of Their Emails

Inbox clutter in recent times is a subject of concern to sales people. It is likely that sales professionals may miss emails they’ve been anticipating due to a compilation of a large chunk of emails. This can not only seem unprofessional but can lead to losing clients and credibility. However, there are bots like Anna that helps users to stay on top of their emails. Bots like Anna scans the inbox and sends email reminders or follow ups per the priority of the email. The regular update ensures that users never miss any mail.