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Hollywood has always been fascinated with sales. There is something about the process of sales and the challenges involved that seem to keep attracting producers and audience alike. Regardless, the prospects for learning are immense for salespeople. We have listed below scenes from Hollywood that can teach salespeople a thing or two about the act of persuasion.

1.Don Draper Sales Pitch

This scene from “Mad men” called “Lipsticks and Dipsticks” shows how important it is for salespeople to have a strong presence. It demonstrates the need to highlight your strengths and appear special. Above all always be confident about what you say.

2. Boiler Room “Reco scene” Vin Diesel Closing the Sale

An important lesson Reco teaches in this scene is that scarcity amplifies desire and demand. So it makes sense to build anticipation and oversell when needed. Nothing sells better than a dream well-constructed. So, build a big dream and keep in mind that confusion is as much a salesperson’s friend as conviction is.

3. The Wolf of Wall Street – ‘The Key to Making Money’ Scene

Jordan Belfort, in this scene lays down the basics of cold calling. Stay in control of the conversation. Be the architect of your prospect’s dreams and put yourself in a position of value and integrity. After you’ve achieved that, you can reel the prospect in with your “expert knowledge” because at this point you’ll have your prospects craving your opinions.

4. Glengarry Glen Ross – Ricky Roma “You Rent It” Monologue

This epic Ricky Roma monologue is from one of the most acclaimed Hollywood sales movies of all times “Glengarry Glen Ross”. Al Pacino demonstrates that style and patience are the keys to a convincing presentation. With an adequate combination of the two and a hint of empathy, you can easily guide your prospect’s point of view to get what you want.

5. In Good Company – Making an Ad Sale

This scene has Dan Foreman, the head of advertising sales for “Sports America,” a leading athletics magazine show his young boss and the audience how important it is to understand your prospects’ psychology. This knowledge of your prospects’ stand on important issues is essential to create an atmosphere of trust and comfort. Plus, you need to learn to adapt to situations if you ever do get caught flat footed.


The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn’t exist

“The Usual suspects” is probably the biggest scam ever pulled off in Hollywood. Verbal pulls of this elaborate plot and has the police officer completely convinced that he is a helpless cripple ultimately acquitting him of all his crimes.

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