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Diane Gottsman, an etiquette expert says “a poorly written email can discredit your professional image.” An email is a part of your business voice and identity. For your sales email campaign to have a successful result, you need to master copywriting elements. While, mostly unintentional, there are plenty of copywriting mistakes people make. Here are 5 common copywriting mistakes you should avoid in your sales email.

Avoid: Missing the name of the recipient
Avoid missingStarting your email with “Dear Sir” or “Hello Sir/madam” will most likely make your email look like a spam. Most spam emails start like that, so ¬include the recipients’ name in your email blasts.

Use: The prospects’ name
use prospectDo a bit of research and find the name of the leads you are sending an email to. Using the name of your prospects will give a personal touch to your emails.

Avoid: Writing about yourself
Avoid writingMany sales emails are self-centered and focus on the company and its achievements. Sales emails should not focus the company; it should rather focus the prospects, their problems and their solutions.

Use: Descriptions of your products/services
use descriptionWrite messages that directly show the benefits of your product or service and how it helps to solve the prospects’ problems. Talk about what customers want or prefer rather than what the company has to offer.

Avoid: Being generic
avoid genericIf your email is impersonal, your readers won’t read it and might mark you as spam. Being generic in communication will create disconnect with prospects.

Use: Personalized emails
use personilizedFirst of all, you should treat each of your prospects as unique individuals. Research your prospects’ online persona and their preferences before writing an email. Once you get these details, adjust your email to match their expectation. Personalized emails will ensure you value them.

Avoid: Information overload
avoid overloadPutting too much information in a single email will confuse your readers. If you overload the email with a lot of things, you might fail to emphasize the main idea. Your prospects might lose concentration as no one wants to read more than they need to.

Use: Specific information
use specificSales emails are opportunity to gain business. So your initial emails should be short and to-the-point. Always review your emails before you send it to your prospects and remove redundancies and make sure your key message is across.

Avoid: Poor layout
avoid poor layoutLayout is as important as content. In most marketing campaigns, content and layout go hand-in-hand. Long paragraphs are daunting and readers are easily turned off by them. If your content has sentences that are more than three lines and disorganized, the readers won’t read it. Forget about selling your product or service.

Use: Headlines, bullets and other content goodies
use good layoutUsing headlines, bullets, graphics and other content goodies enable readers to read the content easily. Put important points first and add paragraph headers if necessary. Try to balance the content with a good layout.

You can have a positive effect on your sales opportunities if you avoid making the aforementioned copywriting mistakes. But there are other mistakes you should avoid. Grammar and spelling errors are some simple mistakes you should avoid. Make sure you proofread your email before you send it to your prospects.