4 Simple Ways to Correct Email Marketing Mistakes

Mistakes are natural and are often the consequences of overlooking possible errors. While some blunders may not be revertible, others can be laughed off or at least overlooked after an apology email. In a scenario where multitasking counts as an additional asset, mistakes are more likely to occur. In email marketing, mistakes range from simple email typos to misleading information. We have a blog on how to avoid copywriting mistakes in sales email. In this blog, we will go over ways to counter these email mistakes.

When you notice mistakes in a sent business email, take time to assess the situation. This can help determine the level of possible harm to your company. Analyze the following questions before your next move:

Will the mistake cause significant loss in revenue?
Will it tarnish the brand?
Will it offend subscribers?

A correction/business apology letter is suggested if any of the former answers are yes. If the error is minor, sending another rectification email will just highlight the mistake the subscribers may have overlooked. If you decide a correction is required, here are some ways to do so correctly.

Act promptly
act promptly iconDamage to your company is bound to increase if a blunder is not corrected in a timely manner. The longer you wait; the presence of the mistake may be highlighted with more prominence. Come with plans of your own to fight errors. It is a good idea to stay safe than be sorry.

Notify when correction is made
Notify when correction is made iconBring words indicating the purpose of the email to highlight. Words such as ‘sorry’, ‘correction’, ‘update’ or ‘oops’ can be used either in the subject line or to start the email. Follow the apology note immediately with updated information. You can highlight the correction in the email by using bold font or different color type.

Incentive to forgive and forget
Incentive to forgive and forget iconMake up for any inconvenience or confusion caused by the error email to a mass audience with an incentive. It not only covers up the mistake made but can further help redeem your name. You could provide discounts on products or extend sale date to further promote a campaign that still needs to be backed up with more advertisements.

Use social media to help spread the responses (in case of multiple receivers)
Use social media to help spread the responses iconThe handiness of social media excels when a single sender is bound to send emails to a large group of subscribers. For companies with huge clienteles, posting correction/apology notes there can prove to be the most efficient way. Be sure to craft a quality email response in order to grasp attention of concerned clients.

Like they say, better safe than sorry – make sure you conduct multiple edits of emails prior to hitting send. Check if your spell check is working to help catch typos and have someone proofread thoroughly. Though mistakes happen, avoiding them is a must to maintain your brand’s professionalism. It further enhances the quality of your email-marketing.

P.S. This blog had to undergo ‘nine’ rounds of edits before being published.

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