The 15th Locus 2018, National Technology Fest is starting from 2nd Feb this year. This is an annual event that started back in 2003 by IOE, which mainly focuses to promote technical innovation and creation. This is a great platform for the young students of computer and electronics engineering to showcase their talents within the field. There are many forms of competitions that the participants of this event can take part. There are events like skill development programs in software, hardware and electronics field.

The main events and pre events of Locus 2018 are as follows:

Yomari Code Camp

This is a challenge where participants are given a limited time constraint to formulate certain ideas and convert them into a functional application. This competition will allow competitors to show off skill sets particularly in coding. Yomari sees this as an opportunity to discover the coders/data scientists with the talent of coming up with quick solution in rather tricky situations. This will be held on 3rd and 4th of February.


This is the main event of Locus 2018, which is a drone competition. This will consist of different sets of game between two teams at a time. Main theme of these games will be “Smart Delivery”, where the participating teams have to navigate their drones through an obstacle course. The challenges consist of vertical and horizontal and vertical rings that the drones have to go through and reach a destination within a given time constraint. This will take place from 2nd  to 4th February.


Hack-a-Week is one of the pre events which is a week long and the participants are required to develop softwares, business models and ambitious marketing campaign. These tasks must be done within the themes comprising of Games and Entertainment, Health and Education, AI/Data Science. This event will bring together developers, programmers and tech enthusiasts to get together to take on innovative challenges. This will start from January 21 and conclude on 27 January.


With the main priority of solving energy related challenges this hackathon will take place from 21st  to 25th January. Prime motto of this is to enable energy access, reducing energy waste and improve energy efficiency. The aim of all this is to find appropriate solution of energy crisis in Nepal.

Intercollege Quiz

This is a standard intercollege quiz for the students of +2 and A Level. This is also one of the pre-events that will take place on January 27.

Locus Project Competition

Locus Project Competition is a platform which is for tech students, where they can showcase different kinds of projects in the categories of hardware software and electronics. The main theme being “Smart City: Information and Technology” the participants have to present their projects on mentioned categories. Winner of this event will be recognized with special certification and a handsome cash prize.


This is also a basic photography competition where the the participants will present their best shots in different categories. Besides this there will be a pre-event which is “Workshop on Digital Photography”, which includes lessons of basic skills of photography. This will take place from 23 to 26 January.

Robo Wars

The battle between two robots where main task is to push the opponent out of circular or hexagonal arena. There will be different rounds in the game with knockout matches where two teams competing in each round. Final match however will be best of three match. Each team must build their own robots, preferably wirelessly manual. The robots must be designed to push, throw, flip or otherwise move the opponent out of the arena and claim the opponent’s flag.

Tech Debate

Locus 2018 will also hold debate competition in various topics related to technology in the British Parliamentary format. This event will be happening from 20 to 22nd January where the ‘winner’, ‘best speaker’ and ‘best adjudicator’ will be awarded by cash prizes.

For more details and registration information, please visit the official website.

Fusemachines is sponsoring few events in Locus 2018, which are Dronacharya, Hack-a-Week and Robowarz. If you are a student or working in technology field or simply a tech enthusiast mark your calendars from 21st of January to 3rd of February. Take part in the mentioned competitions or just come and witness them unfold.